Impact101 is a totally new initiative of QRGL Marketing Inc. in the relationship marketing arena. Rest assured; there’s nothing new about the experience and expertise of the team behind its creation.  
The company is a global leader in the IT space with a worldwide team, worldwide servers and long-serving relationships with other key international IT companies.
Frank Servedio, and Hans Looman, have been successfully combining their respective skills since they started QRGL Marketing Inc. in 2011.
Frank is an entrepreneur with a marketing and sales career spanning 45 years. His successes have been in the stock market, real estate, Forex, education, affiliate marketing and digital currency fields. He knows what it takes to get your message to your market.
Hans is a registered European electronic engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the high-tech electronics design and manufacturing industry. He has created the cutting edge technology behind all the company’s innovations. He knows what tools it takes to get your market to pay attention.
In the company’s first six months QRGL Marketing Inc. sold thousands of QR codes into 34 countries. Later, they created innovations in blockchain technology with international applications.
They are respected leaders and when they work together they get results.
And now they, and their entire team, are focussed on Impact101.  
All their resources and experience are being used; every detail and component has been tested; every design and development has been scrutinized. They are dedicated to the longevity and compliance of the Impact101 opportunity for the company and all of its members.